”For his second album release, Los Angeles-based singer songwriter Mark Bates focused on themes of change and yearning. With his mellifluous lead vocals and impeccable pop/rock instrumentation, Bates combines bright infectious melodies with darker lyrical content to create music that has more gravitas and impact than simple pop. On the tune “How Good You Look” Bates creates a near perfect 2:58 pop song, complete with a super bridge and hook, “I don’t care about your reputation, or your stories that end in devastation. Most men would be terrified, but I ‘d like to say how good you look tonight.”

~ Audiophile – Steven Stone ( Sept. 2012)

“This West Virginia native sees ghosts wherever he looks. Rather than get freaked out, the country-leaning rocker sits with these phantoms—exes, relatives and notions of simple living no longer feasible in our world—and works through their unfinished business. His conversations yield some remarkable songs.”

~ M Magazine (2012)

“Night Songs is a dynamite album to savor and reflect upon, to help heal and build the heart, to help our soul’s journey find purpose…”

~ Shawn M. Haney, Performer Magazine (August 2012)

“Mark Bates is a relatively young singer-songwriter by today’s standards. In his early 20s, this is his second album and he demonstrates great maturity. I should point out that in my youth, most of the singer and songwriters that I admired were considerably younger … Buddy Holly, Johnny Tillotson, Del Shannon, Carole King, etc.”

~ Alan Cackett, Maverick Magazine (2012)

“Mark Bates’ Night Songs, should be called Mastur Bates because this moody Americana Pop is so good, it will make you blow your load.”

~ Rocktober Magazine – (Nov. 2012)

“Mark Bates is een nobele onbekende voor ondergetekende, maar verdient zonder twijfel een groot publiek.”

~ Julian De Backer, Keys and Chords (2012)

“I like different, I like people who take chances. That’s Mark Bates…” 

~ Jim Clark, Lee County Courier, Tupelo MS (August 2012)

“The second full-length release from Los Angeles, California’s Mark Bates. After hearing this man’s music you may very well be asking yourself, “Why isn’t this guy already hugely famous?” After all, Bates has the songs…the voice…and the presence to please millions upon millions of fans. His songs are thoughtful, smart, familiar, melodic, and immediately accessible.”

~ Babysue (June, 2012)

“I have listened to Night Songs first thing every morning for the past couple of weeks…..I found during my searches on the Net that Bates gained a lot of media attention in the past for his songwriting prowess. After hearing this, I believe it well-deserved. The guy is a monster songwriter. And he can sing.”

~ Frank O. Gutch Jr., Rock And Reprise (June, 2012)

“Bates is an artist who does a lot of different things, and he manages to do them all exceedingly well.”

~ Chuck Dauphin, Music News Nashville (June 2012)

“11 deftly considered songs, laid waste to the majority of the earnest singer songwriter competition currently jostling for attention.”

~ Ian Fildes, Americana UK (May 2010)

“I like Mark Bates’ soulful singing, his use of piano based songs and his intensely personal and honest approach to writing; he’s serious about his art, which bodes really well for the future.”

~ John (Biscuits and Gravy), Flyin Shoes Review

“With the poet’s heart of Bob Dylan, the bohemian flair of Tom Waits and memorable melodies reminiscent of The Band, he lures in listeners like moths to a flame, knowing we are sinners, too, as much as the lost, hard-living personae are in his songs.”

~ Janet Goodman, Music News Nashville

”I highly recommend this disc…”

~ Jon Sobel, Indie Round Up
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